Clickbank Problem! Are You Losing Your Clickbank Pay?

If you are starting out with the Clickbank system, I found out about a Clickbank problem – a very discouraging rule that can affect your clickbank payout. A Clickbank check is mailed out twice per month, but before you can get your first check, there are certain conditions that must be met. First, you have [...]

How to Build a Targeted Email List From Scratch

There are a lot of methods talked about that can be used to build the list, but unfortunately, in order to use these methods, you first have to HAVE a list!  A small list of even 250 would do, but my question is how do you go from a list of ZERO to 250?  How [...]

The Best Article Spinner?

A new article spinner was just released to the market and they are calling it “The Best Spinner”.   And to my own amazement, I found it to really be the best article spinner! I’m so excited, I just had to share this find with you.  You see, I don’t ever use an article spinner.  I [...]

Building a Superior List

Everybody says “the money is in the list”.  The email list, that is. Why is that?  Can’t you just do direct selling on your website?  Sure you can.  But if you can build a list, you have an interested group of people to market to directly. Getting your sales to convert takes a lot of [...]